Finally, Boden Hockey can offer a 100% event with cannon service to our lovely audience!

As part of improving the hockey experience, Boden Hockey has acquired a 5 x 3 meter LED large-screen display for Björknäshallen from Dial-iT. The screen will be in place for the premiere. Dial-iT is a very experienced supplier of big-screen displays for elite sporting events!

For Boden Hockey it is a very positive collaboration with Dial-iT that we started. Together with Dial-iT, we will have a partner who will offer all his expertise so that the audience, fans and partners will have an experience and an event in top class. A big thank you also to our stable partner Boden Municipality who supports the installation work.

Niklas Flymalm, part owner Dial-iT
- For several years we have focused on selling large LED quality screens, installations for both indoors and outdoors. We have now, thanks to the confidence of Boden Hockey, gained yet another strong local partner partner and can showcase several large installations of LED big screen displays. Our references COOP Norrbotten Arena and Luleå Energi Arena are some of them.
It feels incredibly fun and exciting to get our first installation in Boden and we look forward to working with Boden Hockey!

Thomas Regemalm, Vice President of Boden Hockey
- A big screen is a must in today's arena world. At an event today, something had to happen all the time. Within the association we have seen a positive forecast in social media, TV broadcasts etc. Now it's the turn of the hall to get a boost in experience and event respect! Here we get a partner who adds competence and energy! Feels cruel fun for us and everyone who followed our journey!

We're back!